Self Help Books on Mental Health Concerns


Mental Disorders: Biochemical and Interpersonal Factors

More information is available than ever before to help persons struggling with mental disorders. It is now clear that most disorders have a biochemical basis as well as interpersonal components ? and are made worse by stressful life events.

Managing Symptoms

Breakthroughs in medications have been made in the last generation, and real help is available to manage serious symptoms. Advances in psychotherapy have led to more targeted interventions designed to empower the individual to take an active role in managing or alleviating troubling symptoms.

Resources for Mental Health Concerns

Consumer groups such as the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill ( and other specialized support groups are useful resources for persons and families dealing with the various disorders. These groups are helping to reduce the isolation and stigmatization experienced by so many persons with mental disorders. Consult the Resources section in The Guide to Self Help Books for more information.