Intimate Relationships


Intimate Relationships

Will an Intimate Relationship Take Care of Itself?

The radio plays touching songs of finding true love -- interspersed with heartwrenching songs of being left behind and mistreated. There's not a lot of comfort or encouragement for the many people going day to day in ordinary intimate relationships; doing the dishes and going to work, finding a way to stay in touch and care for the kids, pay the bills and keep the roof from leaking.

We seem to believe that once a relationship is established, it will take care of itself ("if it's meant to be"). Most of us spend more time shopping, doing home maintenance, or following investments than we do on maintaining and improving our relationship with our partner in life.

Intimate Relationships Improve with Focused Attention

Yes, intimate relationships take work! Time and attention spent on improving your relationship with your beloved will pay ample dividends in life satisfaction, reduced stress, and better health.

Self Help Resources for Intimate Relationships

The self help books listed in the section on Intimate Relationships and Relationship Advice are helpful guides to dealing with common relationship problems and challenges, and making good relationships even better.

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Joy of Making Love

Joy of Making Love is an extensive, informative site created by David Yarian, Ph.D. and Associates, It gives readers a useful resource for adult sexuality education, with 500+ recommended books, CDs and videos on intimate relationships, eroticism and desire, erotic poetry, erotic art, sexual technique, the science of sex, sacred sex and much more. Please see the section entitled Intimate Relationships for more information on: Intimacy; Sexual Techniques and Sex Advice; Polyamory and Swinging; and BDSM.