Men's Issues: Masculinity and Father-Son Relationships

Men and Women: Vive La Diff?rence

Men are "wired" differently than women, and are socialized differently, too. A friend who is an avowed feminist told me he never believed there was much to the nature side of the nature-nurture question until his second child (a son) was born.

"From the moment he arrived he was vastly different than his sister, and it was more than just temperament. And I know I raised them very much the same," he shakes his head -- and now believes strongly in nature and nurture.

Cultural Expectations of Men

To be a man in this culture means that one is expected to earn a living; that one should have a competitive spirit; that logic is more important than emotions; that actions are more important than words; that one does not show vulnerability to others; that it is important to possess information and have expertise and answers.

The list goes on. All of these are useful skills to possess and use, to a degree. Many men, however, feel alienated from themselves and from each other and experience confusion when they are faced with situations that ask that they move beyond these socially-scripted masculine roles.

Self Help Resources on Men's Issues

The recommended self help books in the section on Men's Issues challenge men to dig deep within themselves, and to reach out to each other and to fathers and sons. They offer powerful tools to help men embrace all of themselves and live more full and rich lives.

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