Relaxation: The Key to Stress Reduction

Stress Is Unavoidable

Stress is a part of life. With too little stress, one can become bored and lethargic. With too much stress, one moves into an overload condition.

Chronic Stress and Its Damaging Effects on the Body

If this overload condition becomes chronic, it has a number of deleterious effects on the body: cells age and break down more rapidly; the immune system is challenged; blood pressure and heart rate may be elevated; muscles may be tight and achy from chronic tension; concentration is impaired.

Most of us do not suffer from too little stress!

Stress Reduction and Meditation

Modern stress reduction programs have developed well-researched approaches to ameliorating the effects of stress.

Meditation has been demonstrated to trigger a relaxation response in the brain and nervous system; progressive muscle relaxation programs reduce heart rate and blood pressure and reduce muscular tension. As few as twenty minutes per day of stress reduction exercises may reverse the effects of chronic stress!

Self Help for Stress Management and Relaxation

The best stress management and relaxation self help guides are listed in the section entitled Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques. Many include resource lists of audio and video products which can also be useful aids to relaxation.

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